NLT Practitioner Certification Training

Learn how to use NLT with your clients

Event: NLT Practitioner Certification Training, with Tim Robins

Designed for: Therapists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Healers & Coaches

Length of Training: 10 days, divided into 5 weekends, spread over 4 months

NLT Certification

NLT Practitioner Certification

Dates: Starts January 2014

  • Weekend 1 – 11/12 January 2014
  • Weekend 2 – 1/2 February 2014
  • Weekend 3 – 22/23 February 2014
  • Weekend 4 – 29/30 March 2014
  • Weekend 5 – 26/27 April 2014

Time: Saturdays 9am-6pm, Sundays 9am – 4.30pm

Location: Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Limited to: 8 participants

Prior requirements to attend: Participants must be a certified/qualified therapist, counsellor or coach and have attended the NLT Intro training


  • Thorough practical training in NLT – from being an absolute beginner to competent NLT Practitioner
  • Interactive, experiential and practice-on training
  • NLT Training Manual/Workbook
  • NLT Training videos
  • Rights to show the NLT Certified Practitioner logo on your website, business cards and marketing materials
  • Buffet lunch each day, unlimited tea/coffees/snacks, wifi & parking in the hotel
  • Framed ‘NLT Level 1’ Certificate (subject to successful assessment)


Neuro Linguistic Tapping (NLT) is one of the most powerful and effective forms of therapy available today.

  • Incorporates Energy Psychology techniques from NLP, EFT & Timeline Therapy
  • Easy to learn and integrate into your therapy/counselling/coaching practice
  • Releases mental and emotional issues within minutes
  • Rapidly builds confidence and hope in your clients
  • Produces significant and impressive results
  • Distinguishes you from the ‘average counsellor, therapist or coach’

Why should I sign up for this training?

      • Learn a new way of helping people change how they look at the world and at themselves
      • Empower yourself with techniques that melt away fears and emotional blockages
      • Lower your stress levels – discover a faster, easier & more effective way of working with your clients
      • Boost your success rate with helping clients to break bad habits
      • Comprehensive experiential training that focuses on real-world applications with your clients
      • Learn NLT directly from the man who spent 6 years creating it
      • Become one of the first Certified NLT Practitioners in the UK
      • You will be learning by doing for the great majority of this training, so in the process of learning NLT you will also be resolving many of your own issues.
      • You can expect significant transformation within yourself by the end of this training.

What will I learn in this NLT Practitioner training?

NLT Practitioner Certification

NLT Practitioner Certification

Below is a list of some of the specific therapeutic skills that you will acquire through the NLT Practitioner Training:

    • Short form NLT for fast interventions (15mins or less)
    • Full NLT for deep change work (1-1.5 hour sessions)
    • Lifting and healing deep depression
    • Releasing anxiety, worry or fears
    • Interrupting obsessive compulsive patterns
    • Letting go of anger, frustration & road rage
    • Releasing phobias, fears & overwhelming anxiety
    • Eliminating cravings & altering eating habits
    • Releasing PTSD & restoring internal peace
    • Reducing alcohol consumption
    • Overcoming stage fright/public speaking fear
    • Enhance performance (sports, business, interviews, presentation nerves etc)
    • Helping someone to overcome grief & rediscover happiness
    • Quietening the ‘inner critic’
    • Breaking through confusion and indecisiveness
    • Releasing stress based tension – head aches, tension, aches
    • Releasing panic attacks
    • Reactivating feelings of happiness/joy/excitement
    • Accessing repressed or suppressed memories using NLT Timeline
    • Creating bright and motivating futures using NLT Timeline
    • Setting up and using micro Timelines for rapid intervention sessions

Training To Take Your Practice to the Next Level

  • Developing deep rapport with your clients
  • Advanced language patterns to clarify issues
  • Advanced language patterns to enhance trance states
  • Building your practice through online marketing
  • Giving your marketing image a refreshing makeover


  • 10 day NLT Practitioner Certification Training – £1950
  • Strict limit of 8 participants

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am very confident that you will find my NLT Practitioner training to be professional, thorough and profound. However:

  • If you are anything less than delighted by the end of the first weekend’s training, I will offer you a FULL REFUND
  • To claim this refund you need to approach me within 1 hour of the end of training on the first weekend
  • There will be no refunds offered after Weekend 1

Cancellation/Transfer Policy

  • If after purchasing this training you are unable to attend due to medical/emergency, you may transfer to a future training. £50 admin fee applies.

For payment or refund related matters please contact administration.

Contact Tim directly to inquire about this NLT Certification training

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