NLT Certification Testimonials 2013

Written NLT Certification Testimonials

Jamie Perry

I recently graduated from Tim’s NLT Level 1 Training, and I can easily attest that attending was one of the best choices I have ever made. Entering the training with a skeptical chip on my shoulder, I was basically exhausted by healing modalities and techniques that promised transformation…but didn’t produce lasting results.

Within three minutes of my first experience tapping with Tim, I knew that this would be something different. I knew because I could feel the results in my body immediately. Our course continued to not only deliver me from the baggage I was carrying, but it also gave me an incredible gift to share with others. Tim was able to somehow condense his vast knowledge and abundance of experience into a training package that gave each participant a fully functional baseline to begin producing immediate results.

Through varied instructional methods and tons of “hands-on” (literally) experience, we morphed from a group of individuals who wanted to help into a collective consciousness of people ready to inspire. Tim’s presentation of the material kept my mind locked in to his teaching, and I found every aspect of the training and each minute of time spent there to be useful.

I am glowing with gratitude in the celebration of my freedom and the opportunity to give others’ this same gift. If you want to facilitate and inspire life-long change, becoming a NLT Practitioner will give you more than you ever could imagine.

Jamie PerryMA in Teaching & Certified NLT Practitioner
Sarah Showell

I initially signed up for Tim’s NLT certification course because of the amazing feedback I was hearing from his clients. Time and time again I would hear how after only 1 session their self-belief issues, addictions or emotional issues they had been holding on to for years, had completely changed.

The course itself was really easy to follow. Tim is very down to earth and this was reflected in his teaching methods.  Although I’d had no prior experience in this field of study the way Tim structured the course meant I was able to start practicing on myself and other students after only the first session.

Since completing the course I have had a steady stream of work and some amazing success stories. My most memorable being a lovely lady who came to me to talk about here son, whom had been in a hit-and-run accident some years earlier.

She was totally consumed by hatred for the driver of the car, in fact to such an extent that she was worried that she would take the law in to her own hands. She couldn’t even bring herself to say this person’s name and was physically shaking just thinking about his face.

We initially did a 1-hour session and she left without saying much. The next morning she came to see me with a big smile on her face. I was absolutely overjoyed when she told me her emotion for the driver had changed from extreme hatred to pity!

She could now say his name out loud, picture his face and all she felt was pure pity for the guy. We actually did a follow up session and I really pushed things to see if we could find any remaining anger or hatred for the driver but there wasn’t any left in her.

This one client alone made doing the course worthwhile. I can’t explain what an amazing feeling it is to know that you have helped someone shift an emotional issue that has been ruining their life for years.

Thank you Tim!

Sarah ShowellFasting & Detox Consultant and Certified NLT Practitioner
Nada Alami

Tim’s NLT course was a wonderful learning experience. Tim’s genuine teaching methods have helped me gain confidence to practice NLT, understand NLT’s core principles, and has provided me with powerful tools to help reduce human suffering.

The classes were set-up for us to gain immediate experience while learning NLT theory simultaneously. We were given the opportunity to practice on each-other in a comfortable environment during every class which helped me gain confidence to practice from the get-go. This is quite valuable when wanting to practice on real clients shortly after becoming licensed.

Tim’s ability to gauge how quickly we were absorbing material spoke volumes about his teaching methods. He actually cared to know how much we understood and tailored the class around how quickly we grasped the material and practice. He also makes an effort to provide feedback while you are practicing with your partner and wants each student to succeed.

In addition to Tim’s feedback, the material & homework provided is also set-up for you to gain more hands-on experience. This was a big plus for me. Even the scripts provided by Tim for us to use while practicing were carefully thought out considering all the variables that may occur during a session with a client.

If you are looking to learn quality NLT practices, theory, and are provided with all the necessary tools to start practicing immediately after becoming certified, then this is the course to take! I deeply appreciate all the effort Tim provided for me and my classmates.

Thank you Tim for an amazing learning experience!

P.S. He’s also quite animated and funny making classes that much more enjoyable 🙂

Nada AlamiEntrepreneur & Certified NLT Practitioner
Becky Antrobus

What a wonderful experience this training was. I loved it! Tim is an excellent trainer. He is thorough with his teachings and wants to ensure each of his students feels confident with their NLT practice. His kind and friendly nature, along with his great humor make the learning fun and easy to understand.

He is very skilled in giving out the information and techniques in small bite-sized pieces so you do not feel overwhelmed. There was great balance between the theory and practical sessions and we got time to practice our new skills in and outside the classroom setting. It allowed us to work on ourselves which I was very keen to do and for us as a group to help each other with things we wanted to let go of.

I would highly recommend this NLT training and I look forward to starting my own sessions and to continue learning from Tim in the future. Thanks so much Tim for your time, patience, knowledge and wisdom. Hugs a big smiles. Becky

Becky AntrobusCertified Yoga Instructor & Certified NLT Practitioner

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