• A 6 week one-to-one Coaching Program with Tim Robins
  • 1 session per week via Skype – to suit your timetable
  • Break unwanted habits & overcome your fears
  • Discover new confidence & increase your motivation
  • Double your effectiveness in just 6 weeks
  • Money-back guarantee*

  • Let go of unwanted emotional pain

  • Clear your mind and improve your thinking

  • Enhance your Personal Effectiveness

  • Let go of old baggage from your past

  • Re-discover your true Inner Confidence

  • Achieve goals that inspire you

  • Overcome self-sabotage patterns

  • Cultivate greater self-acceptance

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Transform™ Coaching Program

6 Weeks to Transform Your Mind (via Skype)

Find freedom from your issues with EFT & NLP

Find freedom from your issues with EFT & NLP

In response to a growing number of people asking me for Coaching, as opposed to Therapy,  I have created the 6 week Transform™ Coaching Program.

Having worked with over 4000 clients from around the world, it is with this experience that I have created a structured 6 week Transform™ Coaching Program that integrates the incredible power of NLP coaching, with NLP change techniques and EFT Meridian Tapping.

The goal of Transform™ is to help you break through the barriers and blockages that are currently holding you back. Over the 6 weeks you will start to notice positive shifts in your thinking, your language and in the results you are achieving.


Get more out of your life! You know you want to

To get the best out of yourself you need to optimize your mental and emotional intelligence. The process of optimizing your mind is best done in partnership with an experienced Coach, who is certified in techniques that can influence your subconscious mind.

The Transform™ Coaching Program is designed for individuals who are willing to invest in accelerated mental and emotional development. This is not about making small steps, this is about taking big strides towards becoming the person you want to become.

subconscous mind icebergBreakthrough your subconscious barriers to success

90% of what is holding you back in life is not coming from your conscious mind.

What tends to hold people back from achieve greater things is rooted in subconscious fears, conflicts and limiting beliefs.

It’s actually very little to do with what you consciously know or believe. Trying harder is not the answer.

The Transform™ Coaching Program involves neutralizing the subconscious negative thoughts that are sabotaging your life. Then enhancing your inner resources that naturally propel you forwards.

Transform™ integrates conscious mind planning with subconscious change-work. Resulting in more harmonised and efficient mind.

Each week we will build upon the positive changes from the previous weeks’ session. Just image how much you could change over 6 weeks of consistent growth within your subconscious mind.

It couldn’t be simpler, all you need is Skype and a webcam.


Someone to Support Your Growth

Transform your mind

Discover a calmer & happier mind

Changing your internal thought patterns and breaking old habits takes effort and determination.

This is why peak performers in business and sports hire Coaches.

It’s not just a matter of knowing what you need to do, it’s about creating new beliefs and aligning yourself with your Values.

Most of the changes you are seeking in your life, must first take place within your mind. 

Throughout the 6 week Transform™ program Tim will be helping you to change negative and stressful thought patterns, whilst enhancing your Self-confidence and Self-belief.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be surprised at differently you are thinking and living.

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What type of areas can Transform™ help you to improve?

Being More Decisive Increasing Mental ClarityRelationship with Money
Boosting Self Confidence Improving Mental Focus Sense of Self Worth
Calmness Under Pressure Letting Go of Past Hurt Speaking Your Truth
Finding Your Purpose Prioritising What Is Most ImportantTrusting Your Intuition

What emotional issues can Transform™ help you to resolve?

Anger & Frustration Guilt & BlameSelf-Criticism
Anxiety Mood Swings Self-Sabotage
Depression Panic Attacks Stress & Tension
Fears & Worries Relationship Pain Work/Life Imbalance

The Transform™ Coaching Program

  • The Transform™ Coaching Program consists of 1 one hour Skype session per week and last 6 weeks
  • In the initial session we will identify and clarify the goals and issues that you wish to address
  • Your Transform™ Coaching Program will then be tailored specifically to what matters most to you
  • Sessions will integrate NLP Coaching, NLP change techniques, EFT tapping and Timeline therapy
  • Tim will be guiding and supporting you throughout your weekly sessions
  • *Full money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied after the first session

Limited Availability

I work with a limited number of clients at any one time. Transform is available on a first come first serve basis. If I am at my capacity you will have to wait until another client completes their program.

Client Testimonials

Paul Deacon

“Tim‘s NLP coaching sessions have helped me to reduce anxiety and boost my confidence, both at work and socially.

With the boost in my self confidence I decided to apply for a promotion that I thought was out of my reach. I GOT IT!!

I feel like I am going from strength to strength. I highly recommend Tim Skype sessions.

I am genuinely surprised at how much I have changed with Tim’s help. Thank you Tim!”

Paul DeaconMarketing Manager for Multinational Corporation
Tessa Harrington

“Due to financial pressures in my business I had been suffering from anxiety to the point of having mini panic attacks.

After Tim’s Skype sessions the anxiety is gone and my confidence is soaring. I have ‘coincidentally’ also signed up 2 large clients in the past month. I am quite sure I wouldn’t have secured those contracts in my previous anxious state.

Tim is bright, compassionate and highly effective at helping you to let go of unwanted stress.”

Tessa HarringtonBusiness Owner
Kelly McAteer

“When I first spoke to Tim I was trying so hard to deal with the upset and frustration I was experiencing over a period of a few months, I had had a few life dramas and things were not great at all. I was stuck.

I’m a highly successful business woman with a high degree of self-awareness. I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical if these Skype sessions could really help me or not.

Within seconds of being on my first call I felt Tim’s compassionate and gentle understanding which was so reassuring.  After our first call I felt a sense of self-love and heaps better about myself and my situation.

I now had a champion on my side and over 6 weeks we explored, cried, laughed and created. I have learned some invaluable tools for myself and for my life.

It was and precious and very worthwhile journey.

Thank you Tim for your compassion, energy and skills in helping me to change.”

Your friend for life.

Kelly McAteerDirector, Edge Commercial Ltd
Grant Fairhill

“I have just completed a 6 week Transform Coaching NLP program with Tim, consisting of 6 Skype sessions. At first I was skeptical whether Skype was going to work for me.

Tim’s natural ability to connect and build a rapport made it easy for me to understand his teachings. Tim has a relaxed and friendly demeanour, using added humour, he put me at ease and allowed me to process his learning’s in a positive manner.

I found my experience working with Tim extremely beneficial and rewarding. After each session, Tim set me tasks which helped me unblock and release my lack of motivation.

It has been three weeks since my last session with Tim and I am still highly motivated towards achieving my goals. I use Self Tapping in my everyday life to release any stress and tension that I’m feeling. It honestly works for me.

I would like to thank Tim and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting immediate change in their life path.”

Grant FairhillRecruitment Consultant
A. Beeston

I have worked with Tim over a six session Transform course. I have been amazed at my progress of dealing with issues that are always at the back of my mind.

I want to be able to move quickly throughout life without baggage and Tim’s sessions allow me to do that.

Instead of many sessions filed with discussing an issue, Tim goes in and works through it in an hour and changes all the emotions you have around that particular issue.

It allows you to get rid of things that have been bothering you for years and no matter how much you try they are always there.

I highly recommend Tim as I think this is a transformational way of moving forward in life.

A. BeestonCEO & Managing Director
Rostya Gordon Smith

I consider myself an experienced HR professional (20+ years in HR and Organisational Development).  I have travelled, trained, consulted and coached in many countries. I love my work and I have been giving a lot to meet my challenges.

After experiencing my first coaching session with Tim, I realised how much I needed his expert guidance. Tim is amazing, someone with oodles of empathy.

With his expertise, dedication and creativity he guided me through some complicated and buried issues that I didn’t even realised I was carrying.

Through his strong and yet gentle guidance, I was able to ease several burdens and find a way to a solution and coping. I was left with energy and knowledge to carry on.

An hour with Tim’s coaching is worth tons of books, seminars, training and YouTube advice.

Rostya Gordon SmithInternationally Recognised HR Professional

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Money back guarantee – Purchase with confidence. If, after the 1st session, you are unsatisfied with the program in any way I offer a hassle-free 100% full money-back guarantee. (Refund must be requested before the 2nd session takes place)

If you want to secure one of the first places, simply register now and complete the payment using Paypal.

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