Is this NLT training open to anyone?

No, NLT training is not open to the public. NLT training is available only to professionals, therapists, coaches and counsellors.

In order to attend the training you must be certified and active in your field.

You may be personally invited to attend an NLT introduction evening directly from Tim. If you have not yet been contact please feel free to send Tim a message and inquire about availability at the next Introduction to NLT evening.

In the email, please include details of your professional qualifications and/or certifications.

What qualifications are required to attend NLT training?

In order to attend the Intro to NLT training, or to become a certified NLT practitioner, you need to be a certified or registered in one of the following disciplines:

      • Acupuncturist


      • Certified Coach


      • Certified NLP Practitioner


      • Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner


      • Counsellor


      • Doctor / Nurse / Surgeon


      • Hypnotherapist


      • Midwife / Doula


      • Occupational Therapist


      • Psychiatrist


      • Psychologist


      • Psychotherapist


      • Physiotherapist / Chiropractor / Osteopath


      • Social worker /Youth worker



Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss any such concern you might have.