Gold Coaching Program (Special Rate)gold

2 sessions per month

The Gold Coaching Program is designed for businesspeople who are seeking better results in their personal and business lives.

Through having sessions with Tim 2 times each month you will be kept sufficiently motivated and rewarded by what comes out of these performance-focused sessions.

The Gold Coaching Program also incorporates aspects of Goal Setting, Personal Values Alignment, Future Visualisation, Communication Skills and Language Empowerment. 

As well as NLP and EFT personal change work, the Gold Coaching Program also integrates my expertise in the fields of:

  • Personal Brand
  • Personal Impact
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Selling Psychology
  • Presentation Skills
  • Influencing Skills


  • 2 x 90 minutes session per month via Skype
  • Join Tim’s ‘inner circle’ of core clients
  • Sessions incorporate NLP & EFT change work, Goal Setting, personal development tools & performance techniques
  • Learn NLP techniques & models to apply in your workplace
  • Personal & business development goals are identified & worked on each week
  • Detailed notes of each session are typed up and emailed to you within 10 minutes of each session completing


  • Keep your mind sharp and your emotions balanced
  • Deliver consistently impressive results under pressure
  • Explore and resolve your biggest life & business challenges
  • Detailed notes of each session are typed up and emailed to you within 15 minutes after each session


  • £600 per calendar month
  • Rolling monthly agreement (automatically recurring through Paypal)

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