Testimonials from clients who have had NLT sessions with Tim

Sue D.

Ah Tim, what an interesting 2 sessions we had. I had done EFT before, but never like this. You took me places and changed things. What can I say? Thank you, thank you, I am looking forward to living life in a totally new being.

Sue D.Gold Coast, Australia
Umesh Talwar

I had 5 sessions with Tim. He has brought me back to life – and taught how to live a more meaningful and complete life. He is a truly amazing practitioner. He understood my mental problems, my negative thinking and cleared my mind full with his superb techniques and direction.

He made me feel comfortable and showed the path that I was missing out in life. God Bless you Tim – thanks to be there for me – when I needed someone in my life for HELP.

Umesh TalwarManaging Director of Talbros Automotive Components New Delhi, India
Simon T.

Tim has an incredible skill that cuts “straight to the chase”. Expect to be truly changed by a session with Tim! Issues I had carried for decades were blown away in the sessions we did together. A smoking addiction that controlled me was smashed over two sessions and I have now been given the powerful tool of EFT to deal with anything that drags me down. Thank you Tim!

Simon T.Byron Bay, Australia
Brad T.

Changing patterns of my past to create a brighter future!

For those men out there reading this….Go and see Tim. At the age of 34yrs old, there was a transition I needed to make from boy to man. Tim has helped me to get there and to start my journey as a man. His sessions are powerful and create lasting changes.

Thank you Tim.

Brad T.Australia
Lauren J.

Your warm and lighthearted nature, expert knowledge and powerful tapping technique have helped me so much. The sessions with you were some of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had.

After only a short time I now feel empowered and can look forwards to see a bright and motivating future. I finally feel free to be myself and to accept myself. This is a huge shift for me.

Lauren J.Hong Kong
Jacqueline Kama

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have worked on myself for the past 5 years with various therapies. I went to see Tim with a few remaining issues that I wanted to shift. These issues, which I have battled with for years, were removed from my subconscious within minutes!

One particular reoccurring problem (quite a big one at that) I had had for nearly 30 years, and boy am I glad to be rid of it!
Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do right now. Go see Tim.

Jacqueline Kama France
Paul N.

Breaking a 10 year addiction of smoking cannabis

I had been smoking cannabis every day for nearly ten years and it was becoming a bit of a problem for me. I had one, 1 hour session with Tim and it made me feel much clearer in my thinking. I realised when I got back to the UK that I wasn’t even thinking about cannabis and still to this day have not smoked anything. It has now been 3 months since our session and I haven’t wanted to smoke cannabis once. Thank you Tim!

Paul N.England
Max S.

Breaking a 20 year beer drinking habit

My first and only NLP session with Tim was easy and painless. But more importantly, it helped me to stop my 20-year beer drinking habit on the spot. The session itself was something between talking and guided conversation in a relaxed atmosphere during which I was in a kind of trance.

I would like to point out that I still need to pull myself together and sometimes I need some self-discipline, but thanks to Tim’s session it is much easier than ever before and beer is no longer the first thing that comes to my mind at 5pm after work anymore. At the time of writing this testimonial it has been 6 months since our single session together.

Max S. Chiang Mai
Sabina Schiopu

Fear of flying cured in 10 minutes

I met Tim while 30,000 feet in the air on a plane flying to Chicago; he had noticed my discomfort with being on the plane he asked me if I would like to change get rid of the fear. I said “Of course!”
With my eyes closed he guided me through some visualisations and asked me to change certain things that I was seeing.

About 10 minutes later he then asked me to open my eyes and try to become afraid like before. Do you know what…I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t get afraid, in fact, I could only laugh every time I thought about flying!

Since our brief encounter I have flown from America to my home country Romania, and on many domestic flights too, without any fear. It is amazing. Thank you Tim.

Sabina SchiopuChicago
Michael U.

Removing and healing childhood trauma

First of all I may thank you again for your time and your brilliant work. What was for me the most significant session was use of the Timeline therapy. We went back into the past (into my childhood) and changed everything. Your voice and relaxed tone made the whole work easier for me. I felt like a kid in a wonderland where everything is possible.

As an experienced healer and counsellor, I may say that Tim Robins is a gifted person who can help his clients to create a new and better life and to help them to reach their goals and spiritual development. So please Tim keep going with your work, what you have to offer is a treasure to the world.

Michael U.Thailand
Nick R

New skills for resolving conflict

I have found my experience with working with Tim to have been extremely rewarding and beneficial since returning to the hustle and bustle and indeed hassle of everyday life. Tim taught me special skills not least that of putting myself in the shoes of the ‘other person’ which I have since found invaluable in both personal and business relations.

Tim has a remarkable ability at putting his clients at ease almost instantaneously and one becomes immediately aware of Tim being a special person with natural abilities and awareness that one encounters only a handful of times during a lifetime.

Nick RLondon
Natalie C.

Over coming a long term compulsive over eating disorder

I have struggled with my weight for several years. I have tried many methods to try to keep it under control, including hypnotherapy, Weight Watchers™ and personal training sessions, although nothing has helped me in the long term.

After a couple of sessions with Tim I have managed to change my relationship with food and have been able to break destructive habits. I can effortlessly resist the fattening foods I had previously been unable to give up or reduce. I cannot believe how easy it has been and am delighted with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone dealing with these issues.”

Natalie C.London
Ian L.

Releasing muscular tension, neck ache and emotional intensity from a traumatic car crash memory.

I was feeling great deal of body tension in my back and neck which was my motivation to try NLT with Tim.We started to tap through some emotions which had happened that day and interestingly this opened up threads to other deeper, stronger emotions.

Tim is great at guiding you along these threads to the emotions held in your body. One of these experiences was a car accident which happened over 10 years ago and it was amazing how much charged energy was released.

After the sessions I really felt quite physically tired however I noticed a deep calm and my emotional tension had greatly reduced.

Another observation is that people who had previously pressed my buttons before, now no long have an effect on my calmer inner self.

Tim is very professional and really good at using tapping combined with other techniques. I will be doing more NLT with Tim soon…

Ian L.Thailand
Mitsuko, A.

Childhood abuse trauma, fibromyalgia, eating disorders and physical pains released over 4 sessions.

I have been back in Japan for 3 months since our last NLT sessions together, and I can not believe how strong I am mentally and physically. I suffered from  deep abuse trauma in my childhood and from fibromyalgia and eating disorders throughout my adult life.

When I first met you I was only 43KG with 163cm height with very bad anemia, I tried so many therapies but I was always sick.
The first session was so beautiful, it was very calm from the start…. you have a talent something like a comedian, you made me laugh with so many questions also I cried so much releasing lots of emotion. It was a like a dream for 2 hours.

After just only one session, that was 8 months ago now, I was not scared to eat any thing, my pain from fibromyalgia was much much better, I think that pain was from holding so much  sadness inside.

In the second session, 3 months ago, I released more tears and the sick feeling that I have carried in my stomach for so long, with tapping on my body.
Since I came back to Japan I noticed I am stronger mentally and physically. I now go to work by bicycle….it takes 40 minutes from my house to my job, when I was anemic I could not even ride my bicycle because of no energy.

I am now 49KG and I can now wear a normal size of clothes. I have more confidence to trust my own decisions and to speak with others. My mind is so clear because I can eat normally, so my sugar level is always stable, which further helps me to think more clearly.

I think everyone has their own problems…and we deal with them as best we can, but it’s very difficult to find a right therapist for such problems. I am so lucky to meet you, my life is much happier and more stable.

Tim, thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much again.

Mitsuko, A. Japan
Kiren M.

Thank you so much Tim! I have finally been set free from years of buried pain, sadness, loss, anger and self-loathing. I am now free to follow my life purpose with clarity and vision. I now feel open the Universe to manifest my path.
You always had the right words when I was lost from them and you intuitively knew what I was feeling before I expressed anything. Sometimes doing this kind of work can be scary but I always felt safe in your expert hands.

NLT is such a simple and effective tool – I can’t wait to get home and learn about it. You are an inspiration and a talented healer. I’ll let you know once I emerge as the person “in love” with me, life and the Universe! Think I’m well on my way thanks to you. All the best.

Kiren M.London
Chevaun W.

For the first time in 6 years since my fiancée’s death I can see a future ahead of me now.

Tim, you gave me a future. For so many years I haven’t even wanted one, but in a single session you helped me work through all that pain and helped me to discover what was actually holding me back.

You made me laugh through my tears at the absurdity of some of the beliefs I have been clinging onto, and shed light into corners I usually avoid. You have helped me find peace over the death of the most important person in the world to me.

I can’t say thank you enough for giving him back to me. I am feeling very positive about my future now and I am looking forward to it unfolding ahead of me.

Thank you for everything.

Chevaun W.California
Michael M.

Tim, great work, thank you. That stuff about my mother had been holding me back for decades!!!!! Now I feel at peace, mentally balanced and free from the resentment that had contributed to many years of self-sabotage patterns.
Very liberating! Thank you.

Michael M.New Zealand
Anne T.

Word on the street was that Tim was nothing short of brilliant…

Despite being strongly stubborn in my own beliefs, fiercely independent and not being someone to willingly accept the help of others, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give sessions with Tim a go anyway.

It is amazing how Tim manged to turn so many negative beliefs completely upside down in just a few hours! I feel lighter now than I have in years. Thank you Tim.

Anne T.Sydney, Australia
Sam N.

Following 2 sessions with Tim I’d like to say a few words about him. Tim is upbeat, full of charisma and bouncing with vitality. His sessions have changed me in ways that I could not have imagined and I feel absolutely fantastic now. Tim has helped me to leave behind many negative patterns and beliefs and inspired me to believe in myself.

The sessions were lighthearted, fun and didn’t hurt at all! No ‘psycho mumbo jumbo’ either! Tim is very practical and will work with to discover what is holding you back in life.

Whether you have phobias, addictions, body hang-ups of just want more out of life book yourself in, you won’t regret it. I thoroughly recommend him and wish him all the best.

Sam N.Scotland
Anne A.

I just finished 2 sessions with Tim, more out of curiosity than anything else. I am both surprised and delighted by the results.

The first session was very intense and brought forth many deep memories that were haunting me. I thought it would be a while before I could face another such session, but 2 days later I was ready to unravel more layers.

It’s a surprising simple but effective technique that I would recommend. Tim is very gentle, understanding and clearly motivated by a desire to help others. It is wonderful to work with souls motivated by goodness.

Thank you very much for this great experience.

Anne A. Australia
Daniel H.

I responded to Tim’s flyer because I had been dealing with strong feelings of insecurity about my appearance and what others might be thinking about me. Although I knew logically there was no reason for me to feel such things, I couldn’t control my emotions when they got triggered.

I have to say that I felt and experienced some amazing sensations while working with Tim. I really noticed the effects fast, especially when doing the tapping exercises. The visualizations were also powerful and I can still feel their effects weeks after the sessions. I still have vivid images in my mind that make me feel giddy and warm when I think about them.

I release a lot of unneeded energy trash from my body and mind, and I now feel more confident and positive about myself as a result. I would definitely recommend going for a couple of sessions with Tim to anyone who feels negative about something so much that it affects their mood from day to day.

It might seem difficult to go and actually tell someone about such problems but believe me, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER IF YOU DO!

Daniel H.Ireland
Bridget V.

20 year cockroach phobia cured in 3 sessions.I came to see Tim because I can an uncontrollable fear of cockroaches which I had been suffering from for over 20 years. The phobia had become worse and worse, with the last few months I could only sleep 2 hours per night because of fear that a cockroach might run over me while sleeping. I couldn’t even enjoy being out at restaurants as my mind was constantly fearing that a cockroach might run out somewhere near me.

I had 3 sessions in 3 days with Tim and each session made very noticeable changes in me.After the 2nd session I went home feeling very relaxed and I fell asleep that night. I then woke up at 5pm the following day! Already late for my 4pm appointment with Tim, I called him to tell him I just woke up, but he was pleased that this was the reason, because I could only sleep just 2 hours per night usually!

By the end of the 3rd session I felt comfortable enough I open a box with 2 dead cockroaches in it and move them about with a pen. They looked far less scary and I even noticed that I was feeling sorry for them as they had died! I couldn’t believe I was actually feeling compassion for 2 dead cockroaches! I remember that the last thing I told Tim was that I was keen to see a live cockroach as I now felt very curious about these creatures! (I couldn’t believe I was actually saying these things!)

Since then I have had several encounters with big and small cockroaches and I feel fine. They are my little friends now, so there is no fear, only curiosity.

My friends and family cannot believe how much I have changed in just 3 sessions in 3 days, neither can I! I now feel lighter, happier, incredibly relaxed around cockroaches and I able to sleep much better in general. I cannot express in words how thankful I am! Thank you for your amazing sessions Tim.

Bridget V.Netherlands
J Jones

I had three sessions with Tim Robins on various subjects in my life.

One was in respect of a childhood abuse problem that I felt had dogged my life and the other problems were associated with relationships. Tim has helped me to exorcise certain ‘ghosts’ and see things in a different and more positive light.

I feel that he has armed me with the tools to cope better with my life. Tim is a pleasant, kind and humorous man and I would recommend anyone to book a session with him. I know that he will change your life for the better.

J Jones California
Emma Simpson

Wow – how do I put this into words? As a holistic health practitioner, I already had prior experience of EFT and NLP sessions, yet even knowing how effective EFT/NLP are, my sessions with Tim literally blew me away.

The energy in the room at the end of the treatment was practically visible as I experienced the deepest and most profound emotions and visions going right back (and forward!) in my ‘timeline’.

If you are reading this you and considering if you should invest into sessions with Tim…please take take my word for it and do it!

Your future Self will thank you for it – mine has!

Emma SimpsonBrighton, UK
Megan J.

It gives me such great pleasure to tell you that the work I did with you during the two sessions truly changed my life at the time and continue to do so every day. Since doing the NLT work with you over 6 months ago, regarding my out of control anxiety as well as my (lack of) trust issues with my husband, these elements no longer dominate my life on a daily basis.

You will remember how skeptical I was about the NLT process and even though you were able to reduce my anxieties and emotions down to 1’s and 0’s (out of 0-10 intensity ratings), there was still part of my rational mind telling me that it could not be true…I have told so many people about the work that we did together and when I do, I tell them about my skepticism and yet also have to tell them at the same time that nothing has ever worked so effectively on me emotionally as your therapy

I am able to enjoy my children on a daily basis without the constant fear and anxieties that used to constantly plague me about not being able to protect them from all the dangers in the world. My relationship with my husband has improved remarkably and he has been excited about the emotional changes that I have made.

You have truly changed my life, I am so grateful.

Megan J. Australia
Dr. Juan Morales

Agoraphobia cured within 4 sessions.I went to see Tim due to my stress problems that had developed into agoraphobia. I had tried psychiatric treatments and therapy without any results. After the first session with Tim I felt more self confident and I started noticing that my agoraphobia was getting better.

The afternoon after the first session I went to a big shopping centre and I spent more than five hours there without any symptoms of agoraphobia, which I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. Previous to the session I was not able to spend more than half an hour in big crowded places without feeling symptoms of fear and anxiety.

After the following session I started to feel that the stress accumulated during 15 years of medical study and work started to fade away from my mind and body and it left me with a feeling of relief.

Stress, anxiety and anger disappeared after only four sessions of NLT, and when I came back to the country where I’m living (Denmark), everybody at work and around me told me that I looked relaxed and renewed.

So, thanks to you, Tim, for making me believe in myself again.

Dr. Juan MoralesDenmark
Cathy P.

I had experienced bouts of depression for most of my life, and although I had attacked it from many angles and identified and dealt with all significant experiences that I felt were responsible, I still couldn’t escape from whatever was weighing me down and keeping me from moving forward. It was incredibly frustrating!

It turns out it can be the issues that don’t seem significant at all to the conscious mind that could be causing emotional blockages. The problem is these are really difficult to identify… That’s where Tim came in with his EFT/NLP combo and picked these up from deep within my subconscious – and so quickly!

The sessions where truly fantastic, and with Tim’s hilarious sense of humour, there was also loads of laughter. I felt an immediate release of the ridiculously unnecessary blockages that had been holding me back for most of my life; and over the next few weeks I started feeling freer and happier in myself than I’ve ever been before.

And still the wonderful changes continue! Thank you Tim!

Cathy P.New York, USA
Richard K.

I booked a session with Tim totally not knowing what to expect or how I was going to feel. I was a bit scared of what might come up.

I had no need for fear. Tim is amazing in his ability but also fantastic at putting you at ease. I now believe Tim’s NLT technique can be of benefit to everyone no matter what your state of mind or how you may think you are able to work through emotional problems on your own.

I feel lighter, clearer and have freed up head space to be able to move on to the next phase of my life. I am so appreciative and so glad I took the leap of faith to invest the time to sit with Tim. I am a better, happier person for it.

Richard K.Netherlands
Jessica A.

Over two sessions with Tim I sobbed, I laughed, and finally I let go. Tim revealed and then worked me through deeply ingrained destructive thought patterns that had been plaguing me for over twenty years.
Tim was thorough, professional and incredibly nurturing.
I have seen plenty of therapists and alternative practitioners in my time, but no one have had the incredible impact that he did over just two sessions.

I feel confident that he has changed me for the better, and in many ways my sessions with him have defined this detox as a truly holistic experience. I can’t imagine that there is anyone who wouldn’t get something out of an hour spent with this man!

Jessica A.Melbourne, Australia
Grace L.

I have so much gratitude for this amazing man. I was a heavy smoker for many years and nothing worked in breaking the horrible habit. I tried nicotine gum, cold turkey, fasting (many times) hypnotherapy, etc. TIM CRACKED IT!!!

I will be grateful to this man forever. Thank you, Tim, for your skills, your humour and compassion. Blessings.

Grace L.Phuket, Thailand

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