EFT & NLP: The Next Paradigm in Personal Transformation


Meridian Energy Lines
Meridian Energy Lines

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a proven energy-based technique that releases mental, emotional and physical stress by stimulating the body’s meridian system.

EFT is based on a new discovery regarding the body’s subtle energies. Simply stated, it is an emotional version of acupuncture, except there aren’t any needles.

By tapping with the fingertips on specific meridian points around the body, whilst ‘tuning in’ to a stressful thought, feeling or memory, it is possible to reduce and release the underlying energetic trauma.

EFT has proven to be a robust and effective technique that is simple enough tht a child can learn how to do it, yet powerful enough to release intense post traumatic stress within an hour or less.

The essence of how EFT works is captured in the EFT Discovery Statement below…

“The cause of all negative emotions
is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Because our physical pains and diseases often appear to be connected with our emotions, the following statement has also shown merit:

“Our unresolved negative emotions are the
major contributors to stress, physical pains and diseases.”

This common sense approach draws its power from:

  • 5,000 years of Chinese medicine practice – which teaches that energy in the body must flow correctly in order for health to manifest
  • Albert Einstein; who told us back in the 1920′s that everything, including our bodies and our emotions, are composed of energy

So our thoughts and emotions are composed of energy. Traumatic memories, held in our subconscious mind, produce a constant source of underlying emotional stress. In order to heal such deep-rooted trauma, we must be able to address this energetic with a technique that can move energy.

With specific meridian tapping, you can literally ‘tap away’ layer after layer of mental, emotional and physical stress.

These ideas have been largely ignored by Western healing practices and that is why tapping can work where nothing else does.

Below is a 7 minute video introducing Gary Craig’s original form of EFT tapping:



Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a system of linguistic and mental tools that create rapid change to the ways we think and feel. NLP does this by altering the ways that we re-present our life experiences in our mind.

NLP recognises that it is our own re-presentation of the world, our own ‘internal map’ of the external world, that determines how we think, feel and behave. It is not the external world itself that determines how we feel, it is our own internal re-presentation of external reality that determines how we feel.

Every time we repeat a certain response, such as worrying about the future, the brain literally builds and strengthens neuronal pathways filled with worry. The stronger any particular neuronal pathway becomes, the more prevalent that pattern response becomes in us.

The more often we worry, for example, the stronger that patterns becomes over time. Even decades of ‘hoping it will go away’ and ‘positive thinking’ is highly unlikely to break such deep subconscious patterns.

Excessive anger, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, worry, shame etc. are all examples of patterns (subconscious programmes) that become stronger each time we repeat them. Although we might want to have control over our own programmes, it is often our programmes that have control over us.

So in order to create significant change in our thinking and our behaviour we must make changes at the subconscious neurological levels.

Enter NLP…


NLP alters neural networks

Using NLP, change is created by replacing outdated neural networks (thought patterns) with new empowering networks (new thoughts, feelings, emotions, connections, associations, perceptions etc). These changes are swift, painless and instant.

Rather than being concerned with the content of your mind, the reasons why you might be feeling a certain way, NLP focuses on how you are using your mind in to create such a pattern in the first place.

NLP encourages the exploration of the individual’s internal model of the world, as it is at this level that the most effective changes are made. This is done through the practitioner’s introduction of simple and practical techniques which facilitate clarity and expand choices in the mind of the client.

NLP encourages independence from the therapist. The more that a client discovers their inner resources, the more your clients can learn to overcome their challenges by themselves in the future.

NLP operates with certain presuppositions that distinguish it from other models of psychotherapy:

        • Your map of reality is not reality itself
        • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback
        • People have all the resources they need within them
        • The meaning of your communication is the response you get
        • There is always a choice, even when a choice can’t be immediately identified
        • The best way to create change is by positively reprogramming the subconscious mind

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