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Tim Robins

Tim Robins

Hello, my name is Tim Robins. I help people to breakthrough mental and emotional barriers to greater success, happiness and personal empowerment.

For over 15 years I have been helping people to break through their mental and emotional blockages that have been holding them back in life.

I am the creator of the mindset-changing system know as Neuro Linguistic Tapping™, or NLT. NLT an integration of three very powerful systems of personal growth – NLP, EFT and Timeline.

Of the 4000+ clients I have worked with in one-to-one sessions, the majority of them had never heard of techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Timeline therapy.

I will presume that, like them, you are also fairly unfamiliar with these rather odd-sounding systems of personal growth.

Simply put, NLT makes positive changes directly with your subconscious mind.  NLT does not require you to ‘believe in it’ or to ‘have an open mind’ in order for it to work. NLT is based on scientific discoveries from the fields of applied psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, hypnotherapy and energy psychology.

We all have inner demons that are holding us back or limiting our performance in some way. NLT Mindset Coaching helps you to take your performance to the next level in just a handful of sessions.

NLT Mindset Coaching with Tim Robins

Having delivering thousands of one-to-one sessions since 2006, I have reached the point where I no longer have the capacity to continue offering personal sessions.

I took the decision in January 2017  to stop offering personal Mindset Coaching sessions, both face to face and Skype sessions.

Instead, I am channeling my energy into creating a suite of interactive coaching video products. In these videos I will guide you through the most powerful and effective NLT techniques. These videos will enable you to experience powerful mindset shifts at anytime you want to or need to.

To register your interest in the launch of these videos, simply go to the Products page and enter your email.

The launch date will be in June 2017.

Client Testimonials

“Having never been ‘coached’ before, I had no idea what to expect.

I certainly wasn’t expecting a transformative experience within the very first session!

Highly recommended to those who are serious about creating positive change in their lives.”

Anthony B.

“Tim’s coaching sessions has been a transformational experience for me. His approach is very personable, insightful and effective.”
Hagit N.,  Israeli Prime Ministers’ Office

Tim sessions have been a breath of fresh air for me. Tim has helped me to gain valuable insight in a number of persistent issues.

Not only do I now better understand them, they no longer occupy precious space in my mind.”
J.M., Vice Chairman of Executive Recruitment Firm

Coming soon: Tim’s Mindset Upgrade videos

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