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Faster results than counselling, CBT or hypnosis

If you find yourself struggling with unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours then read on…

Tim Robins

Tim Robins

Hello, my name is Tim Robins and I am a certified Master NLP & EFT Practitioner, Performance Coach and Trainer based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

For over 10 years I have been helping people to overcome stressful psychological issues and to discover greater confidence.

Of the 3000+ clients I have worked with over the past decade, most of them hadn’t heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) prior to working with me.

I will presume that, like them, you are also fairly unfamiliar with these rather odd-sounding techniques.

Simply put, NLP & EFT both directly your subconscious mind. They are able to break long-standing negative patterns quickly and painlessly. NLP and EFT do not require you to believe in them for them to work.

These profoundly effective techniques can help you to let go of unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a matter of just a few sessions.

However, you don’t need to be in emotional turmoil in order to benefit from these sessions.

As well as offering personal therapy sessions, I also provide Performance Coaching to business professionals, salespeople and business owners.

Coaching helps you to take your performance to the next level and in doing so will enable you to achieve better results with less stress.


Therapy & Life Coaching in Leamington Spa:

  • Fast and impressive results
  • Confidential and results-driven sessions
  • Most issues are resolved in just 3 to 4 sessions
  • Particularly effective on issues that haven’t responded well to counselling, psycho-therapy or CBT


Performance Coaching & Executive Coaching via Skype:

  • indexIncrease your performance & productivity
  • Lower your stress levels & stimulate creative thinking
  • Enhance your Personal Brand, Personal Impact and Influencing skills


“Tim eradicated my phobia of flying in a single session.”
Jane B. Leamington Spa

“Tim’s coaching sessions has been a transformational experience for me. His approach is very personable, insightful and effective.”
Hagit N. Israeli Prime Minister’s Office

“My depression started to lift in the first session we had, by the 3rd session I felt like a new person.”
Tony W. Worcester

“Tim’s Transform coaching program and literally changed my life. I no longer beat myself up, I no longer wake up feeling anxious. I am loving the new me!”
Jenny, Perth, Australia

Tim sessions have been a breath of fresh air for me. Tim has helped me to gain valuable insight in a number of persistent issues.

Not only do I now better understand them, they no longer occupy precious space in my mind.”
J.M., Vice Chairman of Executive Recruitment Firm

“I had been suffering from severe post natal depression for over 5 months. Although I was deeply skeptical about NLP and EFT, my friend insisted I give it a try.

I cannot begin to tell you how much lighter I felt after the very first session.

Several sessions later and I feel happy and positive in myself, and I able to actually enjoy my little one.”
Kate L. Stratford upon Avon

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